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This was our first trip to this beautiful place. We stayed at the Furama Rama River front hotel on a bed/breakfast package. The hotel was  very standard with helpful staff and a buffet style breakfast to suit everyone’s taste. The swimming pool is 1.2m deep with two children’s pools attached.

Our rooms were very big and comfortable, accessible rooms with a wheel in shower are available but you have to book these rooms early. There is also a laundry room .

The hotel was located centrally which was an ideal setting between China Town and Clarke Quay and had lots of restaurants and small bars.

We flew with Emirates, with a stop for a couple of hours in Dubai. In total it took 24 hours to reach Singapore from London Gatwick. The time difference is 7 hours in front of the UK.

The main language spoken here is English so no language barriers to overcome.

The cost of eating out varies greatly fish restaurants look cheap but prices are per 100 grams!

The food markets are the cheapest will no frills dining, two people can eat well for around 20 dollars, don’t expect a fork as it’s chop sticks only.

Bars are the next cheapest at around 40-80 dollars for two people. Drinks are also expensive a beer will set you back between 7-20 dollars and wine starts at 12 dollars per glass. Tea and coffee vary also our cheapest find was 5 dollars, but the most expensive for tea and coffee was 20 dollars and this wasn’t even the best. A small bottle of water cost 3 dollars.

Transport is very cheap to get around this includes taxis, buses and the underground are all reliable. Average fares are about 2 dollars and you must give the exact amount as no change is given. It is also very difficult to get a receipt from the ticket machines as even the locals don’t know how to do it.

The people of Singapore are very friendly and keen to help; it is also a wheelchair friendly place.

We had a fantastic time here and we visited, temples, Bay Gardens which are amazing, a huge shopping mall with six floors of designer shops, watched a pumpkin show, spent a day on Sentosa Island, had a great ride on the monorail and saw fantastic views from a cable car. We also visited an adventure park full of gut wrenching rides; the Aquarium and National park are also worth a visit. We finished off having a go on the world’s largest big wheel.

There are lots to see and do here and we would a recommend a visit.

Great experience and lots of wonderful memories to take back to home..





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