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We had a great time here in Rhodes, the views are breath-taking and the people very friendly. It was the beginning of the season which meant not all places were open. The hotel was really good and the staff were so welcoming and could not do enough to make sure we were comfortable. Our package was fully inclusive with lots of choices each day, we all enjoyed the food. We saved money by ordering our packed lunches for the next day, which we took on our  tours and found suitable picnic areas. The weather was warm through the day but temperatures dropped slightly at night as to be expected at this time of year.

Even though it was the beginning of the tourist season we found plenty of places to go sightseeing such as: Old town of Rhodes, shopping at the Bazzar, Filerimos to see the peacocks, (and yes there were lots of them) Kallithea Thermes, which has an ancient spa, vineyard, and lovely walks.

This holiday would not be suitable for wheelchair users due to: hotel does have lifts but it would be a tight squeeze, having to place the wheelchair sideways,  the terrain around the places we visited were uneven and locally the pavements were very narrow and uneven with very high curbs.


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