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Magnificent, Impressive, Majestic Dubai

On our way to Dubai

Pre dinner drinks


I’m hungry now!!!!


Yes it’s a steak, not had steak for a long time


mine’s a burger and very nice it is too!!!!!


At an unearthly time of 06.30am we are at the airport waiting to board our flight to Dubai


On board!!!!!! really excited now!!!!!!


Here we are!!!!

Great flight and we have now landed in Dubai at this fantastic airport!!!!!!



Look at our suite, we are staying at the Novatel 4 star and what luxury!!!!!!


Now if we fancy a cuppa before going down to breakfast we can make it ourselves.


Sharran getting organised


rooms fantastic and is well equipped for disabled access. Our rooms have a wet room


Going for a bit of shopping , this is the Mall of Emirates




Huge place and busy!!!!!


Which shop are we going to next Sue?


No rush we are on holiday!!!!!


A Carnival !!!!!! in the Mall



Brilliant place – now back to our hotel if we can find our way to the Taxi’s

Having a brilliant night in Dubai

Having a brilliant night in Dubai


Dining A-La-Carte


Sue up at the window in the restaurant!!!!!!



A view of the foyer in the hotel


Joke Time


Legs eleven!!!!!!!


Oh Please no more jokes Pauline!!!!!!!


Teresa wants to take the chandelier home!!!!! Pity her case was already overweight


drinks around the pool: Sue trying out the day beds


What more could you ask!!!!!!!


Jumeirah Beach and Atlantis on the Palm


Burj Al Arab – 7 star hotel and the most expensive in Dubai


strolling to Jumeirah Beach


The beach – white hot sand it is amazing here


Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the World


 The Burj Khalifa is where Tom Cruise starred in the film ” Mission Impossible “


Pauline: I love walking on the sand without my sandals on.


We are sticking to the jogger lane!!!!!!!!!


Atlantis – on the Palm


Sue plotting how we are going to get inside this amazing hotel


We are nearly in!!!!!


She did it!!!!!!!! we are inside the Atlantis


The view from the foyer looking out


This train goes straight to and from the Burj Al Arab Hotel


Winter wonderland inside the hotel


Sue waiting to meet Santa!!!!!!



Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!


The Aquarium inside the Atlantis Hotel, I love the fish they are Huge!!!!!


I’m Happy


It really is amazing!!!!!!!

Dubai Souk Madinat

Our day at the market Souk Madinat!!!!!!


Looking for bargains!!!!!!


not much on offer at this stall!!!!!


Teresa likes the bags!!!!


This one is better for me!!!!!!


I would like to buy some ear rings!!!!


Oh these are lovely


And so are these!!!!!!


Our view is magnificent


Having our lunch at this idyllic spot !!!!


Brilliant day but didn’t get any bargains!!!!!!

Last few days in Dubai












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