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We arrived in Ibiza from Scotland and Gatwick airports to beautiful sunshine. Our transfers were waiting and eagerly we set off to our hotel which was in Calle Bou. This was a lovely location for our small group. It was less busy, quieter and prettier than around the other side of the bay. Having taken a good look around the hotel on our first day, we were very pleased with our surroundings.  The hotel caters for all including wheelchair users. All areas in reception, dining room, pool area, outdoors are flat or ramped. There are also  good walkways to the beach and sea which is very close to the hotel. Our room had shower over baths, but we did have a look at the upgraded rooms which had double shower. ( extra cost of £80.00) per week. The environment outside also has dropped curbs from our hotel to the shops and other amenities.  The pavements are also very wide and even. Our package was all inclusive and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious, hot, and had lots of different choices at each sitting. We were also able to pre order a packed lunch with a drink each day when going on our explorations of the Island.

We hired a car for 89.00 euros for 3 days as the local tours to markets and other parts of Ibiza were 50.00 euros each per trip. This is costly when you compare the price of the hire car. We were able to come and go as we pleased and saw much more of the Island. We visited 4  bays on the West side of the Island: Calla Conte, calla Moli, Calla Vedella, and a fishing port. All beautiful parts with beautiful views. We also visited the bays on the North of the Island, which included Playa Eivissa where we had a dip in the sea,  Ibiza town and Botafogh Marina. Our last day of car hire we cut across the middle of the Island to visit Es Cana a small town, where we went out to sea in a glass bottomed boat.  Great trips which we all enjoyed and would recommend.

Ibiza is a brilliant place to visit and we will certainly be back again next year.



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