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Euro Disney

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

Our group had a great time here in the heart of Disney. Our hotel was peaceful, comfortable and had lots to offer. It has a themed indoor pool, plus an outdoor pool for those who enjoying swimming. The hotel is set in a wonderful location and our rooms were surrounded by trees. Our package was bed, breakfast and evening meal. The food and refreshments were very good and we had no complaints. The two theme parks are only a 15 minute walk from our hotel, or there is a shuttle bus just outside. We visited the parks each day as our group enjoyed meeting the characters, and going on the rides such as cups and saucers, flying elephant, carousel, and the boat trip around “it’s a small world”. The parade which takes place around 17-00 is also a wonderful sight with all the Disney characters on show. The firework show at the end of the evening is also spectacular.
Euro Disney is a popular destination and the transport networks very good. We met our group at St Pancras and travelled on the EuroStar which is a great route. On arrival in Paris we took our luggage to the Disney Express office so that it could be delivered to our hotel, this service is excellent and cost approx 20 euros per case.  There is no wifi anywhere in the parks but at the hotel it worked perfect.

A great September break for everyone…….

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