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What an absolutely brilliant holiday destination this is. We flew from Gatwick airport and we must congratulate the British Airways team on Flight BA2063. They and the landside crew were marvellous in enabling our small group to get on board and have a great 12 hours flight. Nothing was too much trouble – many thanks.
The help and support did not stop there… The Mauritian support at the Port Louis Airport was first rate too as they guided us through customs and supported us to gather all our heavy baggage. One man lifted a mini hoist in its case without batting an eyelid and took all our bags to a waiting adapted mini bus. At one point there were 8 people from Mautourco lifting and settling us and our heavy bags onto the bus. We all felt as safe as houses traveling the M2 to Grand Baie.

We stayed at The Merville Beach at Grand Baie which  is beautiful, on a fully inclusive package. The staff team are very attentive and supportive. After arriving at 3pm we were greeted with cool lavender smelling towels and a nice drink of coconut water and juice. We were shown to our well appointed bungalows through nice gardens with a gentle sea breeze sighing through the palm fronds. We had great views of the sea, which was a short walk from our bungalows. The hotel grounds are flat and well appointed and there is a ramp into reception.  Our wheelchair guest had no problems getting around the hotel and grounds, however, outside the complex the roads were very busy, with high uneven pavements making a walk to town very difficult and dangerous due to the traffic. Our rooms were very spacious, but our guest could not access the shower due to this being a cubicle with a high step to get in, and a bath which also had no access for our guest, so we improvised. Another downside is there isn’t a  hoist or access into the pool, luckily our guest did not swim. This venue was not ideal for our wheelchair guest but he enjoyed the challenge, and was more than happy that he had made the effort to come and see this wonderful place.

Our guests chose two trips throughout our time here, which were actually three trips in one day as we had to travel from North to South of the Island which meant a long drive. By combining the trips we also cut costs on accessible travel. ( see our facebook page for more details on trips taken) The hotel provided us with a wonderful picnic box each time.

Our driver, Bhagat, was very welcoming and he took his job very seriously, being extremely diligent at ensuring our wheelchair guest was firmly fixed and that we were all wearing our seat belts. We shared with him what we wanted to achieve and asked him to find us appropriate routes and places to stop. He welcomed us to Mauritius and said he hoped that we would enjoy his lovely country.

Fantastic place and people, we had a brilliant time and would return in the future, but sadly this venue is not ready for wheelchair guests.

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