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Last trips of the Summer to Sunny Spain

Sally, Teresa, Arthur all arived last evening, but they were up early this morning to take on the sights of one of their favourite towns Torrevieja.
Teresa and Arthur did a little shopping,before they had lunch and just enjoyed each other’s company. Sally preferred a walk on the sea front with Christopher and James just enjoyed the views.
The group all know each other from several previous visits to Spain with Finca and it’s great that they all get on well together and have a good time.

Beach day!

Another brilliant hot day, although we had decided on going to Dolores for the day, we changed our minds and headed off for the beach in La Marina.

The guys soon found a pool table and a very serious game commenced.

So it’s thirsty work watching a big match?

We’ve all had a good day and enjoyed ourselves, we finished off the evening playing “poker”.

Walking day!

Today was a Bank Holiday in Spain, and unlike in the UK on Bank Holidays here everywhere closes down. We decided we would have a good walking day and headed into Santa Pola as this is a good little town to stroll around at leisure.

We somehow managed to work up an appetite and found ourselves in this lovely Chinese restaurant for an early evening treat.

Sue’s Birthday

Today is Sue’s birthday and after we had got soaking wet on our trip out we returned back to the villa for a birthday tea.

Sally had made her own birthday card which was beautiful
We enjoyed singing “happy birthday” and then we all helped to blow out the candles.

Teresa gave Sue a present from the guests and we just had a good time.

Day out in Benidorm

Rory, Robin and Christopher enjoy a day out in Benidorm and surrounding areas. Rory gives this trip the thumbs up.

Almeria – Wild West!

Welcome to the “Wild West” here we are Clint, Doc, and the General all ready to protect the town. We are mean and ready for any outlaw’s that show up today.

The Saloon looks mighty inviting and the “Can Can girls” do their thing.

Is this a hold up?

Where did everyone go?

Might have known there was gonna be a shoot out.

What a brilliant time we all had at the Oasys theme park in Tabernas. This is the set that Clint Eastward made most of his films like ” A fistful of dollars” and many more of his Spaghetti Westerns.


A site worth seeing, Rory at the top of one of the oldest castles which dates back to 1612.

Robin takes in the views and some deep breaths!!!.

The City is great for strolling!!!!

The last day 🙁

Well, it’s Sue treat!!!

The girls went that way!!!!!!

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