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Gibraltar trip

This year we have started to look at some possible locations for short breaks and excursions.
So with the help of some intrepid explorers, we dodged the ash cloud and headed off to the far corner of Spain to explore the wonders of the Costa Del Sol and Andalucia the areas that surround Gibraltar.

We based our selves at the wonderful hotel, Reina Cristina in Algeciras an oasis of calm,with friendly staff that make you feel like part of the family.

Algeciras is a busy and vibrant city and gives off a distinct Arab flavour with its Arabic signs and tea shops specializing in Moroccan teas and bustling markets full of exotic fruits and spices.

We had a drink in this plaza which was full of market stalls at the time!

O.K i won’t keep you waiting any longer i know you want to see the apes.

Woops my mistake!!! this cheeky monkey is my son Beto.

Here’s the real apes they seemed to know it was Derek’s birthday and jumped all around him.

We saw all the sights of Gibraltar and did a fair bit of shopping too!.

Then we went back and relaxed in our room, before partying the night away.

Another highlight of our trip was visiting Ronda set high in the mountains and built across a gorge Ronda is one of those cities which appears to be located somewhere between reality and legend.

We are not sure who the old fellow in the hat is, but he was friendly and seemed keen to be in the photo.

One of the jewels of the Costa del Sol is the beautiful little village of Mijas, which nestles comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level.
It was a little wet and windy when we arrived in Mijas and we were greeted by horses in raincoats

special thanks to our very own super hero Chris for all the help with the wheel chair.

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